String Wound Type Filter Cartridges


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Precision Wound Filter Cartridges

The DW Series filter cartridgess provide an excellent solution for removal of sand, silt and particles from water. The cartrdiges have a precsion winding geometry which provides consistent performance, reduces surface blinding and ensures full depth of media utilization. Micron ratings are available from 1 to 200 at nominal 90% efficiency. 


      - Pre-Filter for Carbon, RO Membrane and other filters.
      - Sediment removal of well water.
      - Protect appliances and plumbing fixtures.
      - Protect agriculture and farm watering systems.


  • FDA compliant materials per CFR Title 21 for contact with potable and edible fluids.
  • High sediment holding capacity for longer time between cartridge changes.
  • Wide range of sizes to fit virtually any filter housing.


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