What Do I Need?


Clean water is an important part of your home every day. From drinking water to bathing to cleaning your dishes and food, no one wants to have problems with particles or nasty smells. The solution may be in the water filtration in your home.

Water filtration provides all types of solutions to help with everything from hard water issues like soap scum to bad odors like chlorine or rotten egg smell to bad tasting water and red, staining water.

Our filters are manufactured right here in the USA and treat your problem right at the source so you and your family get to enjoy clean, safe water from every faucet in your home.

ffh-4-1.5.jpgA Whole House Filtration System

A whole house filtration system is the first step to providing clean water to your entire home.  Stop wasting money on bottled water and safely drink water directly from the tap again. Bathe in crystal clear, sediment free water without unpleasant odor from sulfur or iron. Whole house filtration will protect you and your family along with all of your home appliances that use water.  Click here to shop for a whole house filtration system today!


typesoffilters2.jpgFilter Cartridges

Filter cartridges perform the magic of water filtration. Once you have a filtration system installed, you will need to replace cartridges on a regular schedule to ensure that your water quality is maintained. Delta Pure is an American manufacturer of quality water filter cartridges offering products at low cost to guarantee the cleanest water possible. See the chart below to determine what type of filter cartridge you need.

What Type of Filter Cartridge Do I Need?

To Remove: You Need:

Particle Filtration of dirt and sediment

Including sand, silt, protozoan cysts, bacteria, cement dust, insecticide dust, etc.

1-50 Micron Cartridges Available.
See image below to learn about
Micron size and particles.

Sediment Removal Filter Cartridge


Chemical Filtration of dissolved compounds

Bad taste and odors caused by
chlorine, benzene, radon, solvents, trihalomethane compounds, & volatile organic chemicals (VOC's)

Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge




Both Sediment and Chemicals

All of the above

Activated Carbon/Sediment
Filter Cartridge



What the heck is a "Micron"?

Microns are used to measure the size of very small particles.  The chart below shows a few items that may be present in water and what size micron filter cartridge it would take to remove them.  Remember, when purchasing a filter cartridge, the lower the micron number, the better the filtration.



anti-microbial.jpgDelta Pure is proud to offer Agion®Technology in our Anti-Microbial, FDA approved polypropylene filters.

Agion®Technology is specifically designed to slow down and even eliminate the growth of harmful bacteria and algae.

This reduction in bacteria not only makes your water cleaner, it is directly related to the life-span of the filter cartridge.

Once bacteria and algae begin growing, the pores and channels within the filter cartridge can become clogged leading to a reduction in filtration efficiency.
By choosing Delta Pure filter cartridges featuring Agion® protection you are enhancing the purification of the water in your home.